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How To Read Opponents Games In Capsa Susun Online At Capsasusun.Vip?

Capsasusun.vip Of course the game of stacking capsa is very interesting and also challenging to play, let alone capsa stacking is growing rapidly in the world of gambling today.

Because playing on the online stacking platform is easier and also promises huge profits, you can get a bonus or a very profitable jackpot here. Do you know how to be able to play on a collection and win it continuously? in this article we will give you a way to win playing on the online capsa stacking site (Capsasusun.vip), so you can directly play capsa stacking without any obstacles.

After reading this article even if you bring in a little capital you can win and double the money you bet. How to Read Opposing Games in Capsa Susun Online? In playing capsa stacking online it is necessary to bring the game from the opponent who sits at the gambling table with you, but there are things that you usually don’t notice. Usually you only focus on the card you play so you don’t pay attention to the game of your opponent. Though this helps you to win in the game capsa stacking.

Things that you have to pay attention to besides the cards that you have, you also have to pay attention to the game of your opponent. Usually the way to play your opponent will be very different from each other. You have to learn the way your opponent plays, if you are able to read how to play with your opponent, then you just have to watch from the play table, until your opponent gives up, you don’t need to move to another table just to wait for the next opponent.

You also need a concentrate to see the loopholes of your opponent, every trick that your opponent applies to you must have weaknesses and from these weaknesses you have to use it as the main weapon for you to win the game, try to read all the opportunities, maybe at the beginning Your game will be difficult to do and not used to, but over time you will get used to and begin to understand how to read your opponent while playing Capsa Susun at Capsasusun.vip.

You can also look for a gap so that your opponent is careless and difficult to concentrate, take the opportunity to win the game in that round as well, as much as possible for your opponent to pull out all in, if so take the opportunity and choose the card that you believe can win if your opponents are all in an online capsa then you just have to follow it and so you will be able to achieve a big victory in one table.

Register yourself immediately and win multiple times, with our stacking capsa site that has been trusted and safe will help you in playing capsa stacking. You only need to register yourself with complete data, if you experience difficulties you can directly contact our customer service who is ready to serve you in full 24 hours!

Easy Ways to Get Jackpot – Talking about playing Capsa Susun, surely it doesn’t sound foreign to the public at this time. We can also call online stacking games with card games that can generate huge profits and also give you entertainment while playing. The game of capsa stacking is increasingly popular among Indonesians today, moreover many players are eager to find  Easy Ways to Get a Jackpot  . In the case of playing, we can say Jackpot in the game capsa can also be said with a very high victory. To get some jackpots, you don’t need to bother to get them, provided you can understand how to play stacking capsa.

In terms of obtaining several Easy Ways to Get a Jackpot , you also have to have some tricks in playing stacking capsa. Such as the following:

  • Using Betting Money Sufficiently: If you want to make a big profit in the game Capsa Susun . You have to think about the capital that you will bring because of this stacking capsa game you are not required to carry large capital. And if you bring a lot of capital can be a bad end for you, bring enough capital when you play. If you bring a little capital this can be a reference for you to have the passion to play and get a big jackpot. Therefore you are also obliged to take into account various ways with not much capital.


  • Observe how to play opponents: Tips for Playing Capsa stacking at vip is not too focused on the card you hold. It is better to see the card on the table, because the card on the table will be a combination of the card you have to get the highest card value. When playing you must pay attention to how to play your opponent and memorize the tricks used.


  • Arrange the Capsa Susun Card Correctly: If you want to get a big jackpot, you also have to determine the trick to compile the correct card, when you start the game you will be given 13 cards. The essence of the stacking capsa is that you must arrange 13 cards to 3 poker. 2 of 5 cards and 1 of 3 cards can beat all cards in 1 betting table. In the order of the cards you have to divide 13 cards into a back sequence consisting of 5 cards, middle 5 cards while the front is only 3 cards. You have to compile a card that has big points, so you have a great chance of winning the game.


The following are the types of cards that have been combined:


  • Threes, if you get this card arrangement you will get 5 points.
  • Full House, which is obtained in the middle structure, with you get this card you will get point 3.
  • Four of Kind, which is obtained in the lower order, will get 7 points.
  • Four of Kind, which is obtained in the middle arrangement, will get 14 points.
  • Straight Flush, which is obtained in the bottom arrangement, will get 9 points.
  • Straight Flush, which is obtained in the middle arrangement, will get as many as 18 points.
  • Royal Flush, obtained in the lower order, will get 11 points.
  • Royal Flush, which is obtained in the middle arrangement, will get 22 points.
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