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Five Steps To Have Trained And Trained Puppies

It is not easy to raise a puppy. They look like a child. Who will eat, urinate and destroy almost everything in your home. You must be very careful when you have a puppy, but the reward is worth it! What can you do to help your puppy become a well-behaved dog without all common behavioral problems? How can you avoid aggression, fear, difficult games, digging, screaming, biting and hurting? This is easy! It only takes a lot of time and patience.

First, you must manage all the training at home.

The formation of the house (or the destruction of the house) is very simple. Look at the puppy to see if there is any indication that he is preparing to “do his job” and then take him to the right place. The key is to always look at the puppy. This is easier said than done. the truth! After all, you have a life you want to lead! The first step in having a well-trained and trained puppy is to invest in a puppy park. These games are similar to baby games, but they usually have no floor and are made of metal panels with doors that allow the puppy to come and go. When you can’t see all the movements, the game pen can be used to catch the puppy; just like you are at home, but you are preparing dinner or taking a bath.

The game pen can also be used to hold a puppy while you work. You can leave a dog bed, water and toys; line the bottom of the game pen with paper or tampon into a puppy (it is recommended to use tape to protect the paper or tampon if you don’t want to be saved). Use this tool whenever you feel that you can’t grab the puppy and prepare to kneel, but don’t rely too much on this tool, otherwise the puppy will never have a chance to learn. When a puppy makes a mistake, this is a great opportunity for you to show him what to do in his position; how to bring the puppy to his designated “urination” before urinating. If you believe in this game too, the puppy will never know what is good to chew and what is not good for jumping. This is a good learning time for the puppy, he takes a lot of time; but the puppy takes a lot of time.

The second step in having a well-trained and trained puppy is training.

Doggy day care Chelsea is a great way to let your puppies interact with other puppies of the same age, while teaching your puppies simple commands such as “sit” and “stay”. These courses can start between 13 and 14 weeks and will help you learn to communicate with your puppy. As the training week continues, your links will be even stronger. The puppies kindergarten class I attended with my Chihuahua and Leon included many common orders and exercises designed to improve the confidence level of the puppies. People who have puppies of the same age are also very good, because you have all encountered similar problems. The coach is also a good authority for other problems your puppy may encounter. Choose courses and coaches carefully. You want your puppy, you learn in a loving, active and non-threatening environment. Don’t send your puppy to class without you. After all, the skills he gained while training in the classroom can be used throughout his life.

The third step in having a well-trained and well-trained puppy is socializing.

Puppies must be introduced in a variety of settings to be insensitive to change and feel safe in many different situations.Every situation must be a positive experience for puppies to gain confidence in the world around them.

Daycare is the fourth step in a well-trained and well-trained puppy.

It sounds like a luxury, but a good day care for your dog can help your dog learn to get along with all types of dogs. This also helps the puppy learn to take care of you and others outside your family. This will also bring confidence to the puppy, so he will not be so scared. Approximately seven months to one year is a crucial moment for a dog to learn to get along with an unknown dog. Seven months later, I took Leon to the dog farm once a week. His first visit was very painful for him, but every week he showed signs of improvement. Today, with only five pounds, he is confident that he will meet any dog ​​on the street, not to be afraid or aggressive. Another extra benefit of the doggy day care Chelsea is that he is tired when he stays at home when I go to work.

This brings us to the fifth and final step, with a well-trained, well-trained puppy; one year.

Remember, the tired puppy is a good puppy! Keeping your puppy trained and exhausted will make learning faster and easier. Your puppy will take advantage of the time you left to rest instead of having trouble. Believe me you may be in trouble! Before we started taking him to the dog farm, Leon used to destroy his playground at work. We went home and saw him throwing his bed on his puppy pillow, making it useless. Then he will have to urinate and poop on the floor because the tablet cannot enter. One day a week at the dog nursery and walking every day, enough to make his game venue orderly, and you can stop the game by biting your hand. Having a puppy requires dedication and time, but if you follow these five steps, you will have a well-trained and well-trained puppy, and you will soon have a well-trained and trained Well-known dog.

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