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Cybercrime: How We Are Involved?

In addition to changing the way the system works, cyber attacks/attackers often steal important information such as credit card numbers and other useful information from the owner of the infected device. Not only because it is a well thought out cyber attack that doesn’t happen. If you use the Internet to connect to a PC with a mobile device, you run a big risk. But how can you protect yourself from this growing threat?

We will discuss, but emphasize that the country, Nigeria, is the top ten cyber attacks that are crucial in the country’s risk.It is not necessary to become a cybercrime expert to protect yourself and your equipment. However, even for beginners, you can do a lot of work to protect you.

Protect yourself

1. Avoid used machines

In Nigeria, the market is full of laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Of course, these devices are cheaper and more affordable compared to new devices. In addition, in some areas, buyers believe that the most commonly used equipment is more durable than new equipment. .

Although the above is true, it is true that all those who buy second-hand aircraft are facing cybercrime or cyber attacks. what happened?

This is due to the fact that some devices have been infected with malware. Buying a used machine is like adopting a child, not just adopting a child, but adopting a teenager who may have acquired many bad habits and characteristics.

Also, some of the aircraft used are sold at low prices that may have been used previously for crimes, such as kidnapping, imagining that you bought a unit crime partner, it will take your heat police investigation.

You can arrest you without a crime.

2. Consider what you download and install

Have you tried installing the app? And your device, he warned that it is not from a reliable source?

Or maybe I am trying to download a video, music or PDF file, what application do you eventually download?

In the layman’s explanation, for example, the download is not safe for you and your device, in this case, instead of being ignored by his warning to cancel your device’s firewall (security), it is recommended to pay attention to this warning.

3. Use a secure website

But how to judge whether a website is safe?

The website is the same house, some are closed, some are not, some CCTV cameras, others do not.

Do you like a fenced house to another?

If this is the case, the Internet is very unstable in terms of security (Cyber Security Courses)and we must ensure that they are protected.

Secure websites have SSL (secure connection layer): C, usually represented by a padlock symbol in the address bar.

Some websites also use CAPTCHA, and in a particularly sensitive area, such as the login page, putting your time to resolve the CAPTCHA is not getting impatient.

4. Use anti-virus software

Get good anti-virus software and scan your system regularly.

Anti-virus is like using painkillers for headaches, but sometimes when symptoms persist, it may be because you have to go to the doctor and give the fifth point.

5. Visit a good technician

Let your equipment be checked occasionally by experienced technicians. Technicians must not only have experience but also trust him. In fact, some technicians can also manually install malware on their systems.

If your system hangs or doesn’t respond, some applications don’t perform well, then you should know that maybe it’s at risk. You may need to perform a thorough antivirus scan or consult a technician.

6. Become a smart social network

A friend said: “Mature is when you stop publishing or sharing all the events that happen in your life on social networks.”

Some people share more than reservations, others use their date of birth, nicknames such as passwords and PIN codes, however, this same information is publicly posted on the wall or on social networking pages.

Cybercriminals are very smart, the key is that this rise is less, less to say, for more information, please use uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols for passwords, as it would be difficult to predict for humans and computers (for example instead of berry1111 can be used BERRY!/”@).

7. Stay up to date

Whenever your system or system software needs to be updated, it is always updated because system and software developers may have detected a serious security (Cyber Security Courses)vulnerability in previous versions.

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