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Casino Games – Please Encourage Loss บา คา ร่า

Winning or winning prospects excitement look logical, but losing is less clear. In fact, dominate when negative feelings such as depression and despair are lost. บา คา่า. However, their charm immediately leads to compensate for the immediate losses to the players. There are players who describe that this state is more attractive than the step of continuously acquiring.

This situation can be made clearer using examples other than gambling. Liverpool controlled AC Milan 3-0 in the 2005 Champions League final. Everyone gave an English cook, the first fans already left the arena. Liverpool has already lost everything. At least it looked like that. However, the team directly won three goals in the second half of the sinking (within 6 minutes) and finally won with a penalty kick.

The tension that can think about this “time before right” to compensate for loss is to give a larger kick than to get some players to themselves. (Meyer / Bachmann 2011: gambling addiction, 70p)

Physiological reaction in the game บา คา ร่า

According to the research, the athlete shows not only a mental reaction but also a physically measurable game. Thus, for example, a higher heart rate or a higher skin conductance is observed as an indicator for a higher level of stimulation. Even increases in muscle activity can be measured.

Interestingly, these signs of physical tension are closely related to usage. It is not important whether it is real money or money. Unusually surprisingly, the values ​​of men and women are very different. In the case of men, heart rate increases significantly more than female subjects.

In addition to the visible reactions of the body, vending machines during the game also increase the secretion of hormones. Therefore, the concentration of adrenaline in the blood has already risen, and as already pointed out above, it reached Climax. But here you need to make a significant difference between the game for real money and the game to earn money. The difference between men and women remains. (Bühringer / Türk 1999: slot machines).

Why does the slot player play?

In addition to these scientific discoveries, there are many studies dealing with questions about why players are playing. A lot of slot machine players are asked about their motivation and they are enjoyable and sometimes provide abnormal answers.

There is a break on the top of the list answering motivation questions. You can suppress negative thinking during game, reduce tension and stress. This effect has a psychological interest in superior games when viewed from the player’s point of view. This means that breaks are not limited to the actual game situation.

Increasing self-esteem is also a common theme for reasons for human beings to play. Select yourself, car, start a game and stop at a certain time – all players can register as a prospect. The profit has no opportunity, it depends on my ability. Happiness is to compensate incompetent people, fortunately the players themselves.

Creating the financial gain and the exciting situation above is an important reason. (Meyer / Bachmann 2011: Gambling Addiction) For more information, บา คา ร่า.

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